Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Neewer Blue PS2 Controller to USB Adapter

Rating: 4 out of 5
Pros: A great inexpensive alternative to buying separate PS2 and PC controllers that works well
Cons: Thin, brittle housing. Build quality seems cheap all around

I play a lot of computer games, and for many of them I would much rather use a game pad than the keyboard and mouse. Now I've had some pretty good game pads in the past, like the Logitech Dual Action, but I've always preferred the PlayStation controller (and some of the great third-party alternatives). Browsing around online one day, I discovered the Neewer Blue PS2 Controller to USB Adapter that would let me use my PlayStation 2 controllers on my computer. It cost a whopping $4.55 including shipping, so I ordered it immediately and patiently awaited its arrival.

It came packaged in a plastic bag along with an unmarked miniature CD that I can only assume has some type of driver on it. I never used it, as the device worked flawlessly in Windows 7 by simply plugging it into an available USB port and plugging the PlayStation 2 controller into the other end. The device itself is really light-weight and made of thin, brittle plastic. It literally feels cheap... but that's because it is! The device is about 2.5" long, 3" wide, .75" tall, and the USB cable is only 16" long. I would have liked the cable to be a few inches longer as it just barely has room to be plugged in and sit flat on the desk behind the computer, but it's sufficient. The transparent blue plastic case matches the transparent blue DualShock controller quite nicely, if you happen to have that color.

Despite the cheap build quality, the device works great. Not only does it let me use my PS2 controller on the computer, but it actually has 2 ports to use 2 separate PS2 controllers at the same time while being plugged into a single USB port. There's no noticeable input lag, and it has performed admirably in every game I've tried it with. It supposedly supports PlayStation DDR pads as well the rumble function of your PlayStation controller, but I don't have any games installed that have rumble support to test it with nor do I have a dance pad. I can, however, confirm that it works with both PS1 and PS2 controllers (in both digital and analog mode) as well as third-party controllers for both systems.

Overall it's a wonderful product, and if you already have PlayStation controllers laying around it's much cheaper than buying a separate game pad for your computer. I give the Neewer Blue PS2 Controller to USB Adapter a firm purchase recommendation, especially if you're a fan of the DualShock controllers in the first place.

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