Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Corsair 8GB Flash Voyager

Rating: 5 out of 5
Pros: Extremely rugged and durable, decent speed and capacity
Cons: A little slow on the write speed, not ReadyBoost capable

The Corsair Flash Voyager is pretty nice looking as far as flash drives go. It's neither a plain ugly box nor is it a spinning, blinding neon waste of space. It's a rugged, durable rubber coated drive with a removable cap. This simple looking flash drive is mostly black with blue down the sides and at the tip of the cap. There is one single blue LED near the bottom of the drive, just above the rubber lanyard/keyring loop. It's not overly bright, but serves it's function as an activity indicator light perfectly fine.

It says Flash Voyager in yellow down the front of the drive and has Corsair's website down the back. The Corsair name and logo are in white on the cap. Speaking of the cap, while it's removable and not attached to the actual drive, it does fit snugly and I haven't lost mine after more than 3 years of ownership. Another benefit of the cap fitting so snugly is the fact that this makes the drive waterproof, to an extent. They are not certified as waterproof, but as long as it's not terribly deep the water has a hard time penetrating and mine has survived both water and snow. The drive is average sized -- nearly three inches long, one inch wide and a little over a half-inch tall. Two of them fit nicely side by in the front ports of my Antec 300 case.

I've left my flash drive in the hot (90º F) car during the summer and the cold (-20º F) car during the winter. The rubber did start feeling a very little bit tacky during the really hot time in the car, so it possibly might have an issue during a hot Arizona summer or something. Living in Michigan though, I obviously have nothing more to base that thought on. I've dropped it more times than I could possibly count, stepped on it multiple times, spilled Mountain Dew on it, and even accidentally put it through the washer once and it's still going strong.

After the first couple of years that I had mine, my brother decided to get one identical to it because of how well it held up. He's particularly rough on things and hadn't previously gotten a flash drive because it likely wouldn't have lasted him long enough to make it worth the purchase. His is also still holding up nicely, and works like new over a year later.

My Flash Voyager came in a retail blister pack, and the package did not include anything except for the drive itself. No lanyard, driver CD or short USB extension cable like I've gotten with other Corsair flash drives.

Check Flash 1.16.2 shows this USB 2.0 flash drive has a pretty good read speed of 29.74 MB/s and a slower write speed of 11.26 MB/s. It is also backward compatible with USB 1.1. It took me about 45 seconds to transfer a 500 MB game demo to the Flash Voyager from my computer hard drive. Unfortunately, the Flash Voyager does not meet the performance requirements to be used for the ReadyBoost feature in Windows 7/Vista.

The Corsair Flash Voyager has a total drive capacity of 8,069,808,128 bytes (7.51 GB), which was more space than I needed when I originally purchased the drive. It's still, in fact, an adequate amount of space for my current needs so I have no intention of replacing it in the near future. I like to keep mine loaded with portable applications for use when I'm not at home on my own computer. Portable versions of programs like ClamWin anti-virus, 7-Zip, VLC Media Player, Firefox and Notepad++ are always nice to have on hand wherever I'm at. Even with all my normal programs, I still have a ton of room for saving files on the go and transferring things back and forth between computers.

The Flash Voyager is completely Plug & Play; It requires no additional drivers to be installed for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/ME, Linux kernel 2.4 or newer, or Mac OS 9 and newer. It also works fine in my Nintendo Wii, my RCA television and my Phillips DVD/DivX player. It has a 10 year standard warranty from Corsair.

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