Monday, March 26, 2012

Allsop Mouse Pad XL (28766) Raindrop Blue

Rating: 4 out of 5
Pros: A smooth, durable mouse pad with a large surface area
Cons: None really, though maybe a little too large for some setups

I had been wanting to pick up something like the Allsop Mouse Pad XL for quite some time. About 80% of the time I hold my mouse in an odd manner, pointing diagonally up and to the right, instead of straight up like most people do. This forces me to readjust my mouse pad a lot when I use my computer, and every single time someone else uses it before me, and is generally annoying. On top of that, I play a lot of games that require moving the mouse around a lot and it ends up moving off the mouse pad on one side or the other quite often. So when I spotted the Allsop Mouse Pad XL online for a few dollars, I just had to pick one up.
What sets the Allsop Mouse Pad XL apart is the size. Whereas my old mouse pad was about 9" wide by 8" tall, the Allsop Mouse Pad XL is a whopping 15.5" wide by 13" tall -- giving it 2 to 3 times the surface area. I no longer have any problems with keeping my mouse on the pad (despite the goofy way that I hold my mouse), even while gaming. Also, when someone else uses my computer they don't have to readjust my mouse pad, and I don't have to readjust it after they're done either.
The black "techgrip" base feels like some type of woven rubber, and it does a good job at keeping the mouse pad stable and in place. The top is made of some type of finely woven fabric and the whole pad has a similar texture and consistency to some of those keyboard wrist rests that I've used in the past. It has some give to it, but just enough to be comfortable and not enough to detract from fluid mouse movement. It's also somewhere in the area of 0.2" thick, identical to the height of my old mouse pad.
While I've only had it for a few months now, it's holding up really well to my heavy usage thus far. It shows no sign of wear, though there is a tiny little crease in the very top corner where I always have my speaker sitting on it. I've also used a few different mice on it; including a laser, two optical and a ball mouse. They all tracked smoothly and accurately across the mouse pad's surface and didn't stutter around or glitch in place.
The mouse pad is blue in color, with a pattern of various sized water drops covering the surface. It's lighter blue at the top, and darker blue near the bottom with the company's name printed at the bottom left corner in white. It's not a bad looking mouse pad, and the color scheme goes well with just about any normal black or white computer setup.
The main thing to remember when looking at the Allsop Mouse Pad XL is the fact that it is so big, you need to make sure you have sufficient area on your desk for the thing to set. It's quite large, but it's a wonderful thing to have providing you have the space to accommodate it. As an added bonus, you can find it online for about $6 so it's not going to break the bank to give it a shot.

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